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We put a lot of care and effort into assuring our customers have the best possible experience with their scooter purchase, both before and after the sale. We think it’s important to develop a lasting relationship with our customers through the life of their product and it shows. Our customers have great things to say about us, and those that don’t can always count on us doing our level best to assure their satisfaction.

If you would like to leave a comment about our service and your purchase experience with us, there are a few places we will list below to help you do just that.

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Google has the corner market on reviews, and since Google will find reviews on other sites and them too it helps to just go to the source directly.
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Yelp is another popular site for leaving reviews. Yelp can be tricky however, good or bad, your review is highly likely to be hidden from view by Yelp unless you have an active review history and are considered a trusted source of reviews. If you have an account with Yelp and have left reviews there in the past we encourage you to leave a review for us there.
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